Sequoia Kennels

German Shorthaired Pointers


Spring winner

Current Litter Parents Above: Sequoia's Warrior Spirit & Sequoia's Spring Fever


Welcome to Sequoia Kennels: a small California hobby kennel of

German Shorthaired Pointers

Sequoia Kennels was established in 2001 by selecting foundation dogs from the premium bloodlines of reputable breeders throughout the United States. Our puppies are found in six countries: Mexico, Chile, Canada, Germany, South Korea, and the USA. In the states, puppies have shipped to Alaska, Florida, New Hampshire, Arkansas, Arizona, Texas, South Carolina, and many other states. Sequoia dogs are high instinct upland game hunters and are also enjoyed as family pets by active families who spend time outdoors. All parent dogs hunt, have sweet dispositions and are highly intelligent.


If you are interested in owning a high instinct hunting dog please contact us.

Puppies available to go home December 20th

One white male, one white female

Note that these puppies have three different National Field Champions in their third generation!

Write to for application, policies, and photos

Pedigree of these two puppies: Warrior Spirit x Sequoia's Spoiled Liver

Above: Male with heart patch, Male facing, Female playing with granddaughter

Above: Solid brown head female


ALSO: Early December Litter Expected

Warrior Spirit x Sequoia's Spring Fever (Pedigree)

Email for an application

Applicants will be notified when deposits open

Puppies will come with their AKC registration paid, a registered microchip

Second set of vaccinations, fully dewormed, and with two months paid veterinary insurance.

All puppies $1050. Deposit $300 holds place in selection order.


"If there are no dogs in Heaven then when I die I want to go where they went" Will Rogers

Above: German Shorthaired Pointer puppies from Spring's litter.

This is a 'free range' home style kennel where German Shorthaired Pointers are a part of the family's enjoyment of country living.

Sequoia German Shorthaired Pointers offer  beauty and grace along with strong hunting instinct and loyalty to family. They descend from generations of proven GSP champions. They are excellent family dogs, hunting companions, pointers, and retrievers.Our family enjoys the hobby of attending and participating in AKC competitions.  The dogs live on a five acre kennel in California's southern San Joaquin Valley.  Sequoia German Shorthaired Pointers and hunt throughout the west.



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