Sequoia Kennels



When Sequoia Kennels began, the goal was to find the best bred dogs in the country,  bring them together as a cohesive pack, to live closely with, and train the dogs on a daily basis. The dogs enjoy training, going into wild areas to run and hunt, and participating in field trials.  Below is a list of the foundation pack members.


Sequoia King's Reign  From Warrior's Mark Kennels in Pennsylvania, "Reign" was the first of our males to arrive. Sired by  National Field Champion NFC LB's OHI SHAMELESS and with  3 x NFC Rawhide's Clown, Duel Champion AFC Stradivarius Baroque, and Duel Champion Hillhaven's Hustler in his pedigree.  He has a passion for birds, loves to run afield, is incredibly powerful, and just as gentle. He has a mellow and stable personality. Reign is bold in the field yet looks to his master for direction. His offspring have been known to have fantastic scenting abilities. Owners of his pups have reported back that their dogs are finding birds that their friend's dogs have missed. Reign has gone hunting. I hope he saves some birds for the rest of us.




Sequoia's Snow White Storm "Luna" was initially selected for her roots in the Von Thalberg Kennels bloodline.  She is the daughter of Don Lee's NSTRA Champion-AKC Field Champion Teton's Sport and NSTRA CH Map's Suzy Q. She took a ribbon in her first field trial. She is full of energy. Luna seems to think that if it's yours and on the ground that it's her job to pick it up and bring it to you.   Luna is the most intelligent of our pack.  She has a quick mind and seems to anticipate our desires. She is almost always happy and often thoughtful and attentive. Her offspring are known to be quickly trainable, loyal, have high instinct, and are dedicated to their masters.




Sequoia's Arabesque Star was our first selection. "Star" is quick and agile in the field. She was pointing birds at two months and continues to have a strong passion for hunting. She took home a ribbon in her first puppy trial. She is directly descended from three consecutive dual champions (DC AFC Stradivarius Arabesque, DC Stradivarius Baroque, DC Hillheaven's Hustler). She has 9 dual champions, and many German Champions in her pedigree.  One of her litter mates was purchased from and flown to Santiago, Chile.  Star's dam died during birth and she was bottle fed, making her strongly bonded to her owners. This was a concern during her first litter as she had not had motherly instruction in being a mother.   In her second litter she was much more maternal and her pups turned out to be some of the best temperament dogs we've produced.




Beck's Little Bit of Blaze "O-B" was bred by Harry and Roberta Beck and trained at Nelson Kennels.  Sired by Norm Nelson's National Field Champion NFC FC AFC WYLIE T BONE, she took a second in field trial derby just after she joined us and has proven herself to us ever since.  She is a very sweet family dog and loves to run. O-B is highly competitive to the other females in our pack. Consequently, she spends most of her home time in the living room with our five non-GSP -  Border Collie, Boston Terrier, Chihuahua, Xoloitzcuintili, and all-American mutt. O-B's pups have been incredible in the field and as companions.



Allstar's Minado's Wunderbaby is one of the sweetest, most family oriented, German Shorthair's we have. "Ada" is our biggest female, standing shoulder to shoulder with Reign. With a bloodline including Hall of Famers, NFC/FC/AFC Beier's Evolution and DC/NFC Ehrlicher Abe she's gentle as a cuddly Raggedy Ann doll with those she knows, and a strong protector of family and home.   "Ada" is the sole survivor of a coyote attack that wiped out all of her litter-mates. Ada definitely looks to please and protect her leader. She is very stout and one of her male pups now weighs 75 pounds and goes mountain climbing with his master. Ada is our main backpacking companion. She stays within command range and seems to love human companionship of her adventures. We recommend her pups for show and active outdoor companionship homes.




Sequoia's King Arthur is a son of Sequoia King's Reign and Sequoia's Arabesque Star. Arthur was brain damaged at 5-weeks due to his vaccination at that time. He ran a high fever and the hypothalamus received damage. As a pup, he seemed normal, and he was sold to a gentleman in southern California who subsequently had to return him to us.  Arthur has been neutered. He seems to lack a sense of thirst which has led to severe dehydration at times. He is also easily confused and becomes lost if he strays off our property. His interest in odor is very limited. But aside from all this Arthur is a magnificent dog, a good friend, and a very valued member of the pack.  He has retained a simple puppy-like trust and is deeply affectionate to all.  Update: Arthur has gone running in azure fields. He will be missed and never forgotten.



Sequoia's Summer Storm is the daughter of King's Reign and Arabesque Star. We call her Summer. She loves to hunt and has an outstanding nose.  Over the years there have been a few really outstanding pups that were left in the litter until last. This girl was one of two being tested by a potential owner, using a pheasant wing on a fishing line. She was amazing, and I was shocked that the buyer chose the other pup, shocked and overjoyed, as I decided then that this pup would be mine to keep. Summer is by far one of our best hunters and is working on retrieving before competition.  She attended the 2008 Winter/Spring cross nation field trial trip for further training..






Sequoia's Warrior Spirit hails from Warrior's Mark Kennels in Pennsylvania. We searched for a pup with a bloodline that would add to and continue developing our Sequoia line. We wanted to keep many of the attributes contributed by King's Reign without "line breeding" him with his offspring.  Warrior Spirit has NFC FC NRC's Magnum's Touch of Gold and FC AFC Dixieland Smokin Magnum  in addition to NFC LB's OHI SHAMELESS and with  3 x NFC Rawhide's Clown, Duel Champion AFC Stradivarius Baroque, and Duel Champion Hillhaven's Hustler in his pedigree. He has been in our Premium Puppy program since arrival and is a very strong pointer and close ranging foot hunter. He has placed in derby field trials and is working on greater range to win.



Sequoia's Maya Huntress JH was born in our back field. During Luna's 2007 whelping she asked to go outside. She had birthed 5 puppies and I assumed she was finished. When she returned she had Maya in her mouth, covered in dry grass. Instantly, I knew that this puppy would be ours forever. Maya went on a solid, non-check cord point of a bird in the field when she was 12 weeks old. She advanced rapidly in her Premium Puppy training and took First Place in Amateur Walking Derby, an event open to dogs up to two years old, just after she turned 6-months. She also took a Third ribbon in Utah Open Puppy and First Place Puppy in Nevada.


Sequoia's Spring Fever JH is a daughter of King's Reign and Beck's Little Bit of Blaze. She is a graduate of the Premium Puppy Program.  She is very competitive, loves running, and retrieving. She won First Place Amateur Walking Puppy at the Sunland Brittany Club Winter Field Trial in Engle, New Mexico. She then took third in Derby against a field of 20 dogs in Mascotte, Florida. She then went on to finish her Derby points by winning First at the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Utah's Spring Walking Field Trial. .



Sequoia's Remington Roscoe is a son of Sequoia King's Reign and Sequoia's Snow White Storm. He completed Premium Puppy school with high honors, being one of the most avid puppy hunters we had developed. Roscoe found so many quail in his AKC competition that blanks ran out during the brace. He has a great nose, runs big, to the front, and never wants to stop. He has passed the first Junior Hunter test and took First Place at the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Utah's Spring Walking Field Trial.


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