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Nothing could be more important in the development of a bragging rights gun dog than its early conditioning. The problem is that most owners today don't have the schedule that permits the attention to take advantage of their puppy's desire and ability to learn during the first few months of his or her life. The Sequoia Premium Puppy comes to you loving to hunt and unafraid of guns. To begin, we select a Sequoia Premium Puppy as one who demonstrates strong pointing and hunting instincts. These puppies then have the opportunity to "set" those instincts on a course that will become the guidance for their continuing training and development.

A Premium puppy is excited about birds and ready for continuing training. In the summer program, he will have a consistent and proper introduction to the field, including multiple environments, birds, and guns. We make hunting fun for the puppy. With daily bird contacts he'll have proven that he is confident without fear of hunting in the field. He will have found birds in multiple environments.  He will be introduced to running in water and crossing streams. This dog will be properly primed for success. The foundation training areas will make a good gun dog better. During this critical imprinting period he will have the consistent structure and professional attention that prepare him to be successful in hunting training as well as home living.

AKC Junior Hunters have passed four hunting tests conducted by AKC sanctioned judges. They have proven hunting, pointing, trainability, and bird finding ability. They may have a natural retrieve and honor another dog's point but these are not required at this stage of training. Sequoia Kennels Junior Hunters are still puppies (under 1-year old) and we do not pressure them to develop these skills but they are encouraged. These are "Started Puppies," ready for a life of increasing their skills with years of hunting and your continuing guidance.

Puppies  are introduced to stopping upon scenting birds. Gunshots progress from distant .22 blanks to 20-gauge within a few feet.

(Above: Assistant Trainer, Ryan, and fourteen week old puppies beginning scent finding and holding point training)

This puppy comes with many extras: Purchase includes AKC registration, an implanted and registered Microchip, all four puppy vaccinations, first annual Parvo vaccination, Rabies, Leptosporosis, Lyne disease, and two anti-snake venom vaccinations, 2-months Veterinary Insurance paid, and health record. You will receive the puppy's own leather collar with brass nameplate, leather leash,  bowls, and chew toys.


Puppy graduates from the 2007 Premium Puppy School


Maya: Open Derby First Place at 6 months, Open Puppy 1st place at 10 months (Reno) Roscoe: Open Puppy First Place at 8 months. Spring: Open Puppy First Place at 8 months and Open Derby First Place at 10 months, Open Derby 1st place at 13 months (Reno)


Graduates of 2012


Sequoia's All In on an Ace High JH

    Sequoia's Ruby Tuesday JH

    Sequoia's Ella Von Thalberg JH

Sequoia's Misty Huntress JH



After selecting the boldest of the summer litter, the puppies will be taken to our training grounds in the Oregon Cascade mountains. During the first month the pups will have daily contact with quail and progressive gunshots. We want to get the love of birds and gun training over first. Month two: Training in coming on command and "whoa" without birds. Month three:  Whoa on birds in launchers and on the ground using checkcord and eCollar. Month four: Reinforcement of the above without use of checkcords. Puppies will be encouraged but not trained to retrieve and honor. After attaining 6-months pups will go to AKC hunt tests to obtain their title if desired.  Handling in a Junior Pheasant Hunt is possible in November. All of our premium puppies come with a free weekend refresher course  to be used by the owner to learn handling techniques and buff up their dog pre-season. Puppies will have weekly "city-social" training where they are trained on leash near cars and people in a variety of locations. The "heel" command will be reinforced on sidewalk and paved roads. Strangers will be encouraged to interact with the puppies. This will balance them out so that they are prepared for any environment where you take them. The puppies will also be trained to "Kennel", i.e. enter a crate when asked.

The puppies for the 2015 Puppy training School are coming from a very special 'hunters only' unadvertised litter:

Here is the Pedigree: Sequoia's A Buck Well Spent x Sequoia's Spoiled Liver (Camy)

This price is only available to advance buyers:

Puppy with  AKC Junior Hunter Title: $3750 (Home after gaining title)

There are no additional fees for training birds or AKC entry and handling (Everything included)

You may reserve your right to own one of these puppies up until July 15th. A $750 non-refundable deposit is required.

Please note that these prices are rock bottom bargains. The typical trainer charges upward of $600 a month to train your dog, which you buy before training begins. Many charge Bird fees and AKC fees in addition to kenneling and training. During training, Sequoia kennels assumes liability for all veterinary care. Sequoia dogs come complete with vaccinations, microchips, registrations, and many other extras. In addition, these pups receive 7-day/week training including  city social training that most trainers leave out. The puppies live with their trainer 24/7 in a wilderness setting.


Hunting instinct development is our priority. This is not obedience training. Although instinct is highly developed, your puppy will not be a perfect or finished hunting dog.  Premium puppies will not "Sit", "Stay", or "Lie-down".  Many obedience commands interfere if given prior to the hunting concepts. The three most important commands for a pointing dogs are: "Whoa," "Whoa," and "Whoa." The puppy's fullest potential will be set so that they will mature into very strong hunting dogs. The more you take them hunting the better they will become. Premium puppies are not gun shy. You may take these puppies hunting to continue their training. At times, they may flush birds or ignore you when you call them back. THEY ARE PUPPIES! Their desire to hunt will be magnified. Their natural pointing abilities and independence in the field will be enhanced. They will be bold in the field. Once hunting instinct and desire has been developed, the owner will want to continue training their dog. Retrieving is highly encouraged but not a part of our training. The pups should be hunted over for a season before force training to retrieve to hand, this will ensure that you have a hunting dog that is always happy to go into the field. We encourage you to call, come visit, and talk to us with your questions before deciding on a Puppy. All of our training used positive reinforcement methods.

Some Sequoia Commands: (These commands are imprinted from 9-weeks onward. They are tonal and often sound like one-word even when there are two. The dogs respond to tone and context rather than understanding the human definition.

"Wait" means "do not get out of the vehicle, cross the threshold, or follow me through this gate."

"Here" means  "Come closer to me"  or "Hunt closer." This command is always used with the dog's name so only the dog called will come.

"Right Here" means "Come within reach" It is preceded by the "Here" command and followed by grabbing the dog's collar.

"Kennel" means "get into the crate."

"Come-on" and "let's go" are used to get the dog headed in your direction.

"Get-in" means get into the truck or RV. It can be used to tell the dog it's time to go to the truck.

"Off" means paws off me or off the counter.

"Leave-it" means stop chewing or nosing that.

"Go-potty" means we're here for you to do your business.

"Hunt-'em-up" means go forth and hunt.

"Whoa" means stand still.

"Alright" is the release from "Whoa" and includes touching the back of the dog's head.

We expect these dogs to be family members, not sports equipment. We do not sell to people who will kennel their dog until hunting season then expect it to perform.

Contact us if you would like to reserve one of these pups in advance.


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